As care is such a broad term, we strive to promote the care culture as a whole.

It includes truly caring for anything and everything within and around us, and acting in accordance with it. It embraces the mindset, values and beliefs that are in alignment of doing good, promoting the good, and anticipating the good. 

“For me, the care culture is all about inclusiveness and trust. It’s about creating environments where people genuinely know that you’re listening, and you care about what is happening to them as a person – and not just about the numbers in the organization. Even in the family: it’s really hearing what’s being said and what’s not being said, and connecting at a deeper level.”

– Vicki Bradley (guest on episode 20)


As we all know, care is a very broad term, covering many areas and fields. To narrow it down, we have selected the following aspects of care we specifically focus on through The Leaders Who Care platform:

1) Care for self

“You need to fill your own cup first” is a widely-known expression, but quite often, it is overlooked or completely neglected. How can we take care of others if we haven’t taken care of our own needs and well-being first? How do we care for our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness? It is our duty and service to the world to be at our best – first, for ourselves, and then – be able to show up for others.

“Often, we forget what we are passionate about because that’s how we are brought up to do. But we forget to pause and ask: am I actually fulfilled? Am I happy where I am?”

– Gitte Just (guest on episode 6)

2) Care for our families, friends and the community

If anyone will be there for us at our lowest, that will be our family. We should strive for deepening our love and care for each other not only when the times are difficult, but cherish and support each other on the daily basis. We should be there for each other when the times are good, and also when the times are tough. By building strong connections based on compassion, care and trust, we can be an immense support for one another and know that we always have someone on our side, ready to reach out and be there whenever that is needed.


“Thinking about how you get into giving – you don’t have to give a lot, you just have to start doing it.”

– Kate Williams (guest on episode 38)

As part of a broader community, we can and should do good by contributing with what we have been blessed with: good health, time, resources… any help we can offer to those not so fortunate and those in need we should offer. For we are blessed to be in a position to help.

3) Care for our workplace and business results

“What really works over long-term is servant leadership.”

– Howard Behar (guest on episode 40)

From office cleaners, service providers, peers, teams, employees, and employers. Care for each and every person in front of us. And then, as well, from the service or product we create and sell, to the supplier and customer we serve.

Do we respect, appreciate and support each other? Are we collaborative, kind and compassionate? Do we practice and encourage vulnerability? Are we open to accept different perspectives, and come together to achieve the set objectives? Do we recognize the struggles others face, and do we accommodate their needs in ways we can? 

Our attitudes and actions at a workplace affect a great number of people: from families of the individuals employed, to societies and the entire planet exposed to our business practices.

“Delivering on business results isn’t about delivering on the business results. What it allows us to do is to invest in all the areas that we want to invest in as a business. Specifically – in our people: to increase our mental health benefits, to be able to increase education… and focus on: what do we need to do to be able to support people?”

– Samantha Yarwood (guest on episode 2)

4) Care for the future generations

Care for their education, growth and opportunities to succeed. Who will come after us? How will they lead? Will they care?

We strive to share the lessons from the leaders of today to also inspire, motivate and educate the leaders of tomorrow who will come after us and continue expanding on the culture of care!

“People that have experience and have got what they have wanted to get during their life – now they have to share it back with the society, and the sharing is by guiding, mentoring and helping young people.”

– Alex Levran (guest on episode 7)

5) Care for our planet

“We have one planet that we live on. Well, before Elon Musk finds another one… But for now, we need to unite and act as one to overcome the difficulties we face.”

– Marian M.P. Temelkov

Care for the resources, environment, sustainability, footprint, and averting the already caused damage.

Our planet is our home. If we care for our home, we must care for our planet as well. All change starts with us, and there is no more time to waste. Too much damage has been already created, and we all witness the devastation it has brought. It is time to act, and that starts with care – for it, and about it. From an individual level: from recycling, auditing our consumer-oriented lifestyle, and closing the tap while brushing our teeth, to lessening the carbon footprint, eliminating unsustainable business practices, and rewriting our long-term business strategies.

“We talk about the environment and big problems, but there is not going to be a magic solution. Everyone has to do a little bit. It is proven that the micro-contributions of the individuals are the ones that make a change.”

– Julio Oliva (guest on episode 4)