About The Leaders Who Care

The Leaders Who Care is a podcast format virtual stage where we invite the most inspiring leaders to share their story and support those committed to creating a positive and lasting impact way beyond the profits and margins:

The leaders of the world, who care for others and serve a bigger purpose.

Our purpose is to bring together leaders who care and

  • take care of those who care for many,
  • inspire the future leaders with their stories, and
  • connect them to collaborate and make an even bigger impact.

Founded in September 2020, The Leaders Who Care platform has established a network, community, and audience of purpose-driven people, coming together from all over the world and sharing their passion for care, servant leadership, and creating lasting positive impact.

In Season 1, we welcomed 40 exceptional podcast guests! They shared their personal experiences, stories, and outlook on the world that are closely connected to the care culture, higher purpose, and making a lasting positive impact on those closest to them, as well as society as a whole.

Now, we are continuing with season 2 from September 2021 - with more exceptional guests on our podcast, and that’s just the beginning!

Stay tuned!

“We are so caught up in being somebody – being an entrepreneur, a CEO, a father, an investor… Instead of just saying: what good shall I do today?”

– Jonas Altman (guest on episode 11)

Our Why

“If there is one thing that unites us and is above ALL nations, religions and anything else – it is care.”
– Marian M.P. Temelkov


Care is the language everyone speaks, regardless of the nationality and age. We, individuals, are part of a society, and caring for one another is at the very core of the human experience – we need each other to survive, thrive and simply continue our species. Therefore, care is an absolutely crucial factor to not only survive, but also thrive and live a fulfilled life.


“Care has no boundaries.” - Derek Kramer (guest on episode 37)

It’s widely accepted that a child needs caring from its birth to its late teenage years, but after that - is it left on its own? We may form new friendships, new families and exchange acts of care toward our closest ones, but is that it? 

What about our workplaces? Our peers, teams, managers, and those who take risks, face challenges and tough decisions in order to care for many? Who cares for them, and who supports them in their effort of doing good?

“Don’t forget: when you help 1 person, you probably help 12 around them just over the next 12 months by having a ripple of positivity.” - Patrick Hamilton Walsh (guest on episode 1)

What about our neighbours, the communal and national ones? The stranger we meet on the street, the people we stand in line with, and people who don’t speak our language, come from a different background, or have completely different beliefs and values from ours? Do we, and how do we care about them?

“Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.” - Simon Sinek

We are all leaders. In our own social circle, family, community, and at our workplace… Every single day, we lead ourselves to be part of a functioning society, we lead others by our example, and we lead by the shared values, vision, and beliefs that are reflected in our environment by our words or actions. Whether we consciously think of it or not, we definitely influence others by our mere presence! And thus, we lead. We create thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about us, and around us. And thus, we are responsible for how we show up. It has consequences!

“When you communicate through a language that is not your native, you need to pay more attention to what they are trying to tell you. You need to take their perspective as well, and that’s how you care.” - Julio Oliva (guest on episode 4)

In a broader sense, a leader is someone who creates an inspiring vision of the future, motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision, manages the delivery of the vision, and coaches and builds a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision.

“My biggest mission is to help everyone climb up their tree for them to enjoy the best view.” - Anna Gissler (guest on episode 26)

And what happens when all this influence is led by anything but care? What can a careless leader do? And shouldn’t we have more of leaders who do care? The answer is simple: of course, we should. And that’s why there is The Leaders Who Care - to promote the culture of care and serve those who care today or will start caring tomorrow.



How do we select the guests

“You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.” – Henry Ford

Each guest is selected through a careful evaluation process. We invite individuals with strong motivation and a proven record of doing good and making a positive impact. We aim to represent all nationalities, races, genders, and age groups, as well as various scopes and fields they contribute to.

Each guest is selected through a careful evaluation process. We invite individuals with a strong motivation and proven record of doing good and making a positive impact. We aim to represent all countries, nations, races, genders and age groups, as well as various scope and fields they contribute to. 

While the platform title may suggest it, we do not focus on formal leaders only. As we believe everyone leads by their example and no title is needed to do good, we welcome to the platform anyone who has created a significant and lasting positive impact, cultivated positive change, and has valuable lessons, stories and experiences to share in order to inspire others to follow their own mission and calling rooted in care.

We invite you to nominate a caring leader you know by submitting your message via the website's contact form. While doing so, please submit their full name, briefly describe the person and their acts of care, share any relevant resources or links that would support your nominee, as well as how we can contact them, if that is known to you. 

We will carefully review each nomination, and if they fit the profile, we have a new podcast guest!

Thank you for your contribution to The Leaders Who Care platform!


The Team

Marian M.P. Temelkov

Marian M.P. Temelkov

Co-Founder & Host

Annija Bolton

Annija Bolton

Co-Founder & Producer

Anna Andreeva

Anna Andreeva

Copywriter & Editor

Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan Yankov

Co-Founder & Host

Bozhidar Bogdanov

Bozhidar Bogdanov

Developer & Support

Veselin Tonov

Veselin Tonov

Co-Founder & Designer

Darina Stoeva

Darina Stoeva

Copywriter & Editor

Our Values

As a team, we are united in our core beliefs and a strong value set. These are the core values of The Leaders Who Care that are reflected in all that we do as we run this platform:

  • In God
  • For the greater good of all
  • In everyone’s divine life mission
  • In a complete abundance in all good things


  • For all people
  • Environment
  • Our planet’s future


  • Trust
  • Candor
  • Kindness


  • Purpose-driven improvements
  • Positive impact
  • Personal growth


  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude
  • Positivity

Giving Back


Dynamis Group is Global Executive Search Firm helping leaders develop their strategic network and enabling them to attract extraordinary teams in order to fulfill their purpose. The firm was founded in the UK by a team with a long history of working together. This created a strong relationship-based environment, offering access to an extraordinary network of international executive talent and providing unique insights and speed globally.

The Leaders Who Care platform is sustained with the support of Dynamis Group and its CEO, Marian M.P. Temelkov, the co-founder and heart of the platform and host of the podcast.