How to Express Sincere Appreciation?
Published on: December 7, 2021

Do you show your loved ones how much you appreciate them?

We all need to feel appreciated for who we are, and feel assured that we play an important role in someone’s life. People notice those little but sentimental gestures of appreciation that make them feel special. Even though they might be something simple, they are meaningful to the receiver.

Regardless of the time and distance, we should make more time to express how much we care and appreciate our beloved ones. And especially in times of crisis. In addition, also being compassionate toward other people (you can read more about compassion in this earlier blog article) not only promotes positivity and improved relationships as people feel heard and understood. It also sets an example for others to look beyond just themselves and express more care and kindness all around them.

Acts of appreciation build stronger relationships both in our personal and professional life, resulting in supportive friendships and good work relations. What’s more, providing positive reinforcement and recognizing people for their efforts motivates them to go further on the way and, possibly, even outperform the set expectations!

But how to really express appreciation? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Compliment your loved ones to highlight their great qualities or praise their contributions,
  • Gift flowers for no particular reason,
  • Create something handmade such as a nice card and gift it to a special person,
  • Make a photo album or a memory book to remind your peers of the good old times or outstanding achievements,
  • Plan a day with their favourite activities and hobbies and spend quality time with them,
  • Bring them their favourite coffee or make an effort to cook their favourite dish.

Let’s express our appreciation, and make someone’s day!


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