Do You Lead by Example?
Published on: September 15, 2021

Do You Lead by Example?

To put it simply, leading by example is about inspiring people to act for others, helping them handle the failures and illuminating their way to success. The magic lies in the way you make other people feel. Cheering people up and making them feel seen, heard and understood – that’s a significant boost of inspiration for them to do the same for you and others as well.

Rather than standing for perfection, you can stand out with openness and heartfelt actions for those around you. Radiating kindness through one’s behaviour sets a great example for others to do something meaningful for someone else. As they say, judge a man by his actions and not his words.

Moreover, that genuine care you have an opportunity to express daily is the power that transforms not only you but also those around you into greater leaders who can make a remarkable difference alongside you.

For the reasons described above, let’s consider implementing in our leadership the following:

  • Embrace the differences of others and notice their uniqueness and strengths. Controlling the urge to make someone else more like ourselves (the familiar) is a true skill that takes time to master. Rather, let’s lead by our example, and stay true to our own standards and values, not forcing them onto someone else but rather inspiring a positive change through our actions.
  • Communicate kindly, calmly and respectfully, no matter who you are talking with. We never really know other people’s backgrounds, circumstances, or what they deal with internally in each given day.
  • Notice the mood and the atmosphere, and shift it to a happier, lighter, or more peaceful to support the other person in times of difficult moments. If we are fortunate to be in a better position than someone else, let’s be generous and use that to lift someone else up. Wouldn’t we want to be noticed and supported when we need it the most, too?

Let’s use the power of care, and lead with our hearts!


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